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The Aims of employee counseling

  • pic_12-step-counsellingPatent understanding of one’s self
  • Improving self-belief
  • Impersonal decision making
  • Growth through setting achievable goals
  • Betterment for the future through careful planning
  • Use of solutions to handle interpersonal and personal problems
  • Gaining ability to overcome difficult situations
  • Controlling self conquering emotions
  • Acquiring a positive attitude and aptitude



Employee Counseling –Vital or an Affluence?

employee_counsellingAs part of maintaining an organization’s competitive advantage it becomes a necessity to attract and retain highly talented and worthwhile employees. Overtime organizations have realized the importance of quality workforce together with effective tools for attracting and retaining employees as other sources of competitive advantage have become less important in today’s corporate world.

One such tool that would soon surpass to popularity in the corporate world is Employee Counseling; a service offered by company to employees. Organizations that care for their employees are set to be more momentous and consequential. Every firm has economic and social obligation. The concept of leadership is to make people obtain self belief, the organization and the missions and visions of the organization. But this belief should stem from trust; the trust that the organization is not about making a group of stakeholders successful but it’s about making every individual in the process better off.

Although Counseling may often be referred as ‘therapy’ or ‘helping’ it is most importantly an attempt to encourage change. Each individual in the organization is different; some may have problems that are complex to address, by in large counseling has shown to improve an individual’s overall well being.

Professional counselors who can inspire personal growth in others; offer help in addressing several situations that cause emotional stress, including, but not limited to:

  • Mental and emotional problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship issues and family problems
  • Abuse and domestic violence
  • Addictions and substance abuse
  • Career change issues
  • Work-life and workplace problems

Human Resources: Is it time for a change?? Let’s Redefine it!!!

A number of forces in the organizational environment have led to HR becoming the significant contributor to the success of the firm. There is a strong need for talented HR personnel who understands the business strategies and able to use data from talent management to make an impact on the effectiveness of the organizational operations. For this the function of HR in an organization should be redefined.

It becomes necessary for HR to be more assertive about the business objectives and play a more strategic role in the organization. In the typical corporate environment an HR functions mainly as an administrative function, assisting managers in employee management activities. Because such activities regarding HR administration are demanding in the organizations and they take precedence over other strategic functions and developments which analyze how talent affects the organizational performance.

HR now should be divided into two groups: one that manages the day to day administrative functions and other one that deals primarily with business strategies and develops and implements ways for talent management and for the effective functioning of all the operational structures within the organization: the one that deals with sustainable organizational effectiveness.

HR can and should be a key organizational functioning unit. This can only be achieved if we could redefine the HR functions in an organization and position it to take on business strategy issues. The traditional approach to HR is no longer relevant in today’s demanding and challenging corporate world. Major changes must be made.

It’s definitely time to Redefine HR!!

Blue Box –“One stop solution to all your HR matters”

Blue Box is a Dubai based HR solutions company with associates in all GCC countries. We view HR in a whole new spectrum and do the best to bring your organization into the limelight of success.

 Aristotle says ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts’ 

This is certainly true when it comes to having all employees fully understanding the organization’s business objectives overtime and ensuring the alignment of collective thinking and application… simply the process of ensuring that everyone in the organization is working and driving the organization in the same direction.

We manage all your HR needs from recruiting to public relations; we have all the HR services that your organization needs. Managing Human Resources is the key to a successful organization. Whether you are a start-up firm or a large business organization, Blue Box has a solution specifically tailored to suit you and your organization.

 “The highest reward for work for a person’s toil is not what they get for it but what they become by it”-John Ruskin.

We bring out the best in your management and employees with our tailored services; empower them with unparalleled confidence, determination and passion, making them more versatile and productive. This new realm to your workforce will guide your organization into new platforms of success never seen before.

Our most eminent team of HR experts sets to satisfy our clients’ diversified demands with utmost dedication and aptitude. Well now you could sit back and relax while we take care of all your organization’s HR needs in the best way!!!