Human Resources: Is it time for a change?? Let’s Redefine it!!!

A number of forces in the organizational environment have led to HR becoming the significant contributor to the success of the firm. There is a strong need for talented HR personnel who understands the business strategies and able to use data from talent management to make an impact on the effectiveness of the organizational operations. For this the function of HR in an organization should be redefined.

It becomes necessary for HR to be more assertive about the business objectives and play a more strategic role in the organization. In the typical corporate environment an HR functions mainly as an administrative function, assisting managers in employee management activities. Because such activities regarding HR administration are demanding in the organizations and they take precedence over other strategic functions and developments which analyze how talent affects the organizational performance.

HR now should be divided into two groups: one that manages the day to day administrative functions and other one that deals primarily with business strategies and develops and implements ways for talent management and for the effective functioning of all the operational structures within the organization: the one that deals with sustainable organizational effectiveness.

HR can and should be a key organizational functioning unit. This can only be achieved if we could redefine the HR functions in an organization and position it to take on business strategy issues. The traditional approach to HR is no longer relevant in today’s demanding and challenging corporate world. Major changes must be made.

It’s definitely time to Redefine HR!!


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